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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Madtown Madness

Last year we started a new vacation tradition of stopping in Madison on our way home so I can make an annual pilgrimage to Camp Randall Stadium and just soak up the vibes.

This year I reserved a room in a downtown hotel so we could enjoy the whole university ambiance.

As soon as we arrived, hubby collapsed on the comfy bed and began to snore - - - LOUDLY.

I let him rest before we set out to walk to the stadium. I had checked the store hours for Bucky's Locker Room, and it seemed we had plenty of time.

Oh if ONLY those online hours had been correct - - - -

On the way, we passed the Kohl Center where the Badgers play basketball. Nice place - - - - but NOT the football stadium.

Camp Randall is just oozing with history, having been the camp that housed Wisconsin's Union Soldiers and held Confederate Prisoners of War during our Civil war.

This will give you all I know about that history.

And that's it - - - - that's ALL I'VE GOT for this trip to Camp Randall because though the web page PROMISED me the store was open on Saturday until 7 PM, the sign on the tightly locked, DARK store itself said it closed at 5 - - - - and of course we got there at 5:30. BUMMER

But - - - - we didn't let that totally spoil our evening. We found an eclectic little burger joint called "Dotty's." Yummy burgers.

Interesting decor.

Truer words were never written - - -

And what's this hand doing coming right through the wall?????

After we ate, we found a "lesser" sports wear store - - - -

And this is the loot we came away with. Guess which hoodie is mine.

Oh, of COURSE the coffee mug is mine and I'll share ONE insignia with hubby for his truck - - - the others are MINE. I have plans for SOME of them to adorn the windows in my classroom this fall.

And that is all the Madness we could stand for ONE day!!!

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Blogger Indian Lake Papa said...

I am not sure i have told you this - but I am a "Spartan". I did my grad work at MSU -so I like to make pilgrimages every once in awhile. We usually do great in Hockey and Basketball - need to work on our football though!

7/28/2008 11:42 AM  
Blogger Keetha said...

I'm very familiar with Sparty!!! Go Big Ten!!!

7/28/2008 12:02 PM  
Blogger grammy said...

So Greg's a "pillow hugger" like Jeany & I. Does that mean our "teddy bears" were taken away at too young an age??? If so, I sure miss mine!!!!

7/29/2008 9:12 PM  

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