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Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends are Friends Forever - - -

While lazing on the couch reading a book early Sunday morning, I was SORELY tempted to stay right there and SKIP going to the Little Pastor in the Woods' church.

But I RESISTED said temptation, got up, and into town we headed.

Oh how GLAD I am that we did so. One of my childhood friends (did I ever mention I LIVED in this town from kindergarten through fifth grade?) was there!!!! Gary, AKA "Geezer" back in the day, was in town visiting his parents. I had not seen him since Teen Camp in 1972!!!!

Geezer's folks - - - Gwen and Owen were also there.

Today Geezer and his mom met us for lunch and we had such JOY reminiscing about old times and catching up. What a treat it was to see them again!!!


Blogger Keri said...


7/21/2008 6:24 PM  
Blogger Martin LaBar said...

Thanks! I haven't seen G & O for about 45 years or so.

Two of her sisters were wives of two of my pastors (one each) and I was a pretty good friend of three of her brothers, and of several of her nephews and nieces.

7/21/2008 8:49 PM  
Anonymous jackie said...

Keetha !!! Today is Tues., July 22....I just now realized that you were directing a question to me in your little blue box thingy on the side of your post page. I had seen the message the other day, but didn't realize you had written it and that it was to me. SO SORRY !
I'm not familiar w/ that little box thingy. I have seen little messages that people write, but am not aware of how it works.

I HAVE been reading your posts and have been staying on top of each entry, although Blakie was home for a few days, so I was a little caught up w/ him. :-)

I was one that wanted to see the inside pictures of the cabin, so I'm glad you posted those. It's so cute. I can see why you would want to go there every year and it would be very hard for me to pack up to come back home.

I can see you have been having a wonderful time. I can't remember when you are supposed to start back to IN, but I pray for safe travels when you do.

Talk at ya later !

7/22/2008 9:43 AM  
Blogger Indian Lake Papa said...

Wonderful to always meet up with old friends - we are working on getting our 50th high school reunion together - oh my!

7/22/2008 1:29 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Dr. LaBar, Gwen is part of a very large and very wonderful family!!!
I did see both Wendall and John at church also - - - but not having been as close to them, I did not take their pictures. But it was "down home reunion" time with G,O, & G!!!

Jackie - - - we DON'T want to pack up and come back home. We'd LOVE to move up here - - - - that is a future dream of ours.

7/22/2008 2:17 PM  

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