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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogger "Look"

A while back when a friend first found out that I had a blog, she said something to the effect of: "I didn't know you had a blog, somehow I was kinda surprised, you don't look like a blogger."

Which begs the next question - - - - - what DOES a blogger look like?????

Do they have thick, plastic rimmed glasses from staring at a computer screen too long?? Or worse yet, perhaps they have permanent wrinkles etched in their forehead and around their eyes from too much squinting.

Maybe their finger tips are rough and calloused from over use.

I think I'm thankful I do not look like a blogger.

However, I HAVE been told on more than one occasion that I DO look like a school teacher, which is infinitely worse!!!!!

But, we won't go there now.


Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

Keetha, I am wondering if it is an "age thing" (no offense). I think most of the bloggers I know are younger than "generation" has only gotten into blogging lately through word of mouth. Just a thought...

I, for one, think you are a very fun and prolific (did I use that word correctly?) blogger. Glad you've joined the club!

11/15/2006 9:26 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

If you meant I talk a lot - - - - which I do - - - - than you used the word correctly. :-)

11/16/2006 4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A while back we had a panel discussion in Sunday School about parenting teenagers. Most parents expressed dismay over their teens use of computers and wicked things like blogging and iPods.

So, I got to make my "I have a blog" speech. People were horrified.

I guess the Blogger "look" is a teen look - with or without glasses.

11/16/2006 11:25 AM  
Anonymous grammy said...

Now that we have two "mug shots" guess "r house 2 yours" will have to be called "mug shot with marshies"!!! I love to blog also, and being a PK and WAY ABOVE the "teen look", I have no idea why, but "I am addicted to blogging". Now that I have said that to all, it may help in my recovery!!!! If this is a 12 week will not even get me thru Christmas and think of all the exciting pictures I will need to respond to!!!

11/16/2006 12:49 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Grammy - - - - I LOVE "Muggie with Marshies". Great alliteration!!! And you love blogging so much, you really do need to start your own. It isn't hard - - - - - - if I can do it, anybody can. Just click on that "get your own blog" button at the top of any blogspot blog and follow the directions.

Char, hereafter to be known as Muggie - - - I think that the horrors that some kids post on their "My Space" and accounts like that have made some adult figures turn completely against blogging. Good for you for sharing that you blog in that SS setting!!!! (Do they really think kids can't use good ole pen and paper to write horrible things? Or actual paper photos - - - -)

Also, people get upset about the ease of internet pornography, terror, etc. Again - - - the internet is but one medium where these things abound.

BUT - - - - its never a wise thing (which has been shown over and over throughout history) to try to throw out an entire thing simply because it has the potential for evil. Much better to model its best good use. Or else, we better ban magazines, newspapers, letters, cameras, photos, - - - - oh my, the list quickly becomes endless.

Oh dear - - - - I think I went to preaching again!!!!!

11/16/2006 4:06 PM  
Anonymous grammy said...

I just had a funny (Ha Ha) conversation with a friend in Tally. We were both laughing about how we worry when we don't hear from kids. Her son is in law school in, of all places, Miami so you can imagine all the things she hears on the news and then worries.

I had to share with her what my mother told me when Greg & Jeany were young and how I worried about them. Her very smart advice was,"if you are going to worry, when they grow up and get married you will then have more people to worry about". How right she was. But I am so thankful for all the added ones that I have now to worry about. So, thanks for the sermon. Makes sense to me!!!!

11/16/2006 4:23 PM  
Anonymous grammy said...

Oh yes, about my starting a blog. I have a picture pose I want Jim to take of me so I can post it with my blog. We purchased the digital cam at least 2 mos. ago and still haven't opened it as we both have camera fright!!!!

11/16/2006 4:30 PM  
Anonymous grammy said...

I clicked on "muggie with marshies" blog but couldn't get anything. I did learn one thing...where the word "blog" came from. Did not know until I read what was on that site. I want a site like theirs as it will probably only allow just the ones they approve since I saw they have had over 200 and some hits. Oh well, at least I learned something today. YEAH!!!

11/16/2006 7:25 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Where did you say you found the definition of "blog?" I want to go see it.

11/16/2006 9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muggie, huh? I can't wait until January when I can change back to LilAC. Hope to hear from you soon, Grammy! There are many configuration options for the blogs. I'm sure your family will rush over and explain them to you!

11/16/2006 10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, blog means "web log".

11/16/2006 10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to rush over and show Grammy how, but she's HOURS away!! =(

11/16/2006 11:24 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

I TRIED to "rush over" - - - - but now your blog is blocking me out, so I was useless. It gave a whole new meaning to the term "Blogger's Block" that I used earlier this week. Hehehehehehehehehe

11/17/2006 4:23 AM  
Blogger Anon said...

I think I know why she was a little shocked. Bloggers usually wear something a little peculiar like bells and scarves. :) Don't be ashamed, put those babies on so everyone know "She is a blogger." :)

11/17/2006 1:37 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Oh how funny if we only had a "blogging uniform!!!"

11/17/2006 5:33 PM  
Blogger Jim and Jaena said...

Or a the way we each wear a certain piece of clothing. Bandannas are out (that could get us into trouble for sure.) Any other ideas?

11/17/2006 5:43 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Not yet - - - - but my brain has been mulling it over.

I do think it would be fun, and funny!!!

Maybe it could be a scarf - - - - - - could we DESIGN a blogging scarf????

Anon could wear it across her face, but the rest of us could do with it what we pleased.

11/17/2006 5:47 PM  
Blogger Anon said...

Forget the clothing. We all need to get a "B" tattooed on our right arm. They'll know then. :)

11/18/2006 2:58 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Why hide in under a sleeve on our right arm - - - - - how about RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR FOREHEAD!!!!!!


Oh dear, maybe that would be the mark of the "B"east :-( Yikes!!!

11/18/2006 3:09 PM  

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