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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mackinley's Two!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Mackinley's second birthday at Crazy Pinz in Fort Wayne. Take a peek at the fun - - -

Birthday cake with cars.

Let's just walk all over this place and explore. COME ON!!! Let's GO!

Oh goody!!! Kiddie bowling. First I THROW the ball, then I CHASE it, except Daddy won't let me!!!

Daddy says, "Look Mackinley, watch the pins go down." But all Mackinley cares about is getting his hands on the next bowling ball and throwing it.


Blogger Phil & Kathy said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. It's a great place for kids of all ages.

1/28/2008 9:18 PM  
Blogger Anon said...

Heeeeya Funny Lady! Good to catch up in Blog World. I still am frustrated that I missed the whole party and Fellow Freakazoid and the darlin' little boy. Cute pics!

1/28/2008 10:32 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

And we all wished you were here too!!!

We're gonna try to plan a family picnic blog party this summer.

1/29/2008 6:22 PM  
Blogger The Hollands said...

Hey...I have to admit that I check out Keri's blog off and on...I wondered how old Mackinley was...he seemed close in age to Joseph...and he is. They have a lot of similarities :) ~Jaye

1/29/2008 9:49 PM  
Blogger Headless Mom said...


1/30/2008 12:54 AM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Jaye - - - when you "check out" Keri's blog, go ahead and leave her a comment. She'd LOVE it.

1/30/2008 4:17 AM  

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