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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Look What I Stole - - -

Right off of Daughter Number One's blog.

I just don't have anything new or exciting of my OWN to post - - - so I raided Keri's blog and copied these cute photos.

Mackinley James wearing Great Grandpa John's chef apron and calling China on someone's cell phone.

Enjoying the train set Papoo picked out for him for Christmas.

Macky and Kaeleigh all snuggled up in their hoodie blankie's Kamma got them for Christmas.


Blogger Bart and Paula Wakeman said...

So, I'm still trying to figure out why you had trouble with the links. As you know, I started blogging with this template and right away found how to post the links. And I am terrible with computers! Anyway, I think it is hilarious that it took so long...BUT I'm happy you finally figured it out!
p.s. we are going to be in Marion the last week of march. We will be at church and hope to see you!

1/18/2008 12:29 AM  
Blogger Keetha said...

I hope I get to see you at church when you are here too!!! There could be one glitch - - -our spring break is the last week of March. Right now we haven't made plans to go anywhere, but I guess that could be a possibility and then I wouldn't be at church. I'll let you know.

About the links - - - did you have a button on template or something that helped you set up your links? I've had this same template the WHOLE year and a half I've been blogging and it hasn't had a Links area built in. I had to go to helps, find the html, copy it, find the correct place in the sidebar html and paste it in. I just recently found that helps place (it was real obscure 'cause I've been LOOKING for how to do it)

Anyway - - - I've got links now and I know how to edit them when I want to.

I mean, I added my cbox all on my own ages ago. BUT - - - that was because Cbox gave clear instructions for how to do it, unlike this template!!!!

1/18/2008 4:32 AM  

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