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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mini Reunion Takes Over The Hotel Lobby - - -

When the pizza arrived, we took the party to the cafe area of the hotel lobby. Yep - - - it was the traditional, noisy, Heavilin gathering with everyone talking at once!!

Seated at the table from left to right: Dyan 8b1s, Michelle 8gs, and Marilyn 8b.

Seated in the background watching basketball : Brad 8g1 and Linda 8fs.

Hovering in the middle with pizza in hand: Dan, 8bs.

"Grandpa, what nice whiskers you have!!" Dan 8bs and Danielle 8b1c.

Kamma's "Pride and Joy" - - - Mackinley 9a1a.

Just feedin' our faces!!! Peetie 8g, Phil 8f (way in background by fireplace), Keri 9a1, and Macky 9a1a.

Jason 9a1s with Mackinley 9a1a pizza face held high.

Hey, if you think I have too many pictures of the 9's and especially of little Kinley on here - - - - just suck it up, it's a Grandma's prerogative!!!

Little Donny 8b1ta, Jamie 8b3s, and Aunt Virginia 8s.

Proud Grandpa Paul 8 with two of his grandsons, Brandon 8b3 and Donny 8b1.

Peetie and Philip. (8g and 8f)

Two anti-social outlaws (don't worry, our two most infamous out-laws dubbed themselves with that title) join the lobby crowd. (Greg 9as & Jason 9a1s)

"Let me get some of that popcorn!!" (Mackinley 9a1a, Jason 9a1s, & Keri 9a1)

Donny (8b1) on his way out the door - - - sportin' his Colts pride!!

What a fun reunion - - - let's do it again SOON!! Only next time - - - how about representation from all 1 - 13!!!!!


Anonymous yackiesue said...

great pictures of the wedding and the mini reunion. Looks like everyone had alot of fun. The bride and groom were beautiful.

2/18/2007 8:00 PM  
Blogger Keetha said...

Weren't they??? Actually, Brooke was even more beautiful in person than in this photo.

2/18/2007 8:30 PM  

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