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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Northern Wisconsin Blast in Central Indiana

OK - - - so I was wrong. Totally, and unspeakable wrong. It WAS a big snow storm.

I'm still not sure I would call it a blizzard - - - I think blinding, whipping snow with massive white-outs when I think blizzard, and this wasn't that. BUT - - - over a 24 hour period we did amass quite a bit of snow which is piled in drifts and etched like sand dunes.

This morning we have sunshine and plunging mercury. I do rather like the colors in these early morning photos - - - they make it look as cold as it is.

It is rather difficult to show depth in a photo - - - - so I took some rather strange shots that I hoped would do that.

Path to our front door. Makes me think of the little path my dad used to shovel across our backyard, behind the church, to the side street so my sister and I could run through it on our way to the elementary school.

This shot was to let you see how deeply buried the mail box is and also to show the height of the plowed snow edges. I'm glad all you can see of my early morning condition is my shadow!!!!

Our snowed-in house from the street. Check out that mailbox nearly buried beneath the plowed snow. Also, look carefully between our house and the neighbors and you will see nearly bare ground - - - with the bulk of the snow drifted up right in front of our porch pillars.

The red car belongs to Korie who weathered the storm here with us while she recovers from a really nasty removal of four wisdom teeth at once. Poor thing is in the chipmunk phase.


Blogger grammy said...

Was so nice to hear Korie's voice even tho she sounded so pitiful!!! I know you guys are enjoying having her there with you today! She is one "tough" gal to have driven all winter without a car heater. Glad "Daddy" is taking car to Suzy Darter to get repaired.

There's no place like home when you are feeling "bummy"!!!

Happy Valentine's day to all!!!!

2/14/2007 10:52 AM  
Blogger grammy said...

Keetha, I love those pictures. The picture of front porch, I was thinking that was your sliding glass door and how in the world did all that snow get piled on the living room carpet...Ha! Zippy the Fish couldn't have captured the snow any better!!!! Enjoy!!!!

2/14/2007 10:57 AM  

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