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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mini Heavilin Reunion

Several of us decided to make Brooke and Justin's wedding an opportunity for a bit of a reunion. So, when the wedding festivities were over, we converged on the Kokomo Hampton Inn and Suites - - - - and the party began!!!

We started and ended our mini reunion in a hotel suite. Miraculously no one pounded on our door and told us to be quiet. If you aren't a Heavilin, you probably can't appreciate how big of a miracle that is!!!

Also, if you aren't a Heavilin you are probably going to think it strange that everyone from here on out has a numerical/alphabetical tag. Listen, when you are descendants of 13 children in one family - - - - it can get rather cornfusing as to who belongs to and comes from whom. So, we have devised our own little system to help us all keep track. You'll just have to BEAR with us here - - - - -

Keri with her second cousins. Brad 8g1, Brandon 8b3, Keri 9a1 and Donny 8b1. What fun they had - - - can you tell?

Talk of Venezuela. (Dan and Marilyn just returned from visiting their daughter Janelle 8b2 there.) Marilyn 8b, Aunt Virginia 8s, Phil 8f, and Linda 8fs.

Just before the games began. Keri 9a1, Michelle 8gs, Dan 8bs and Marilyn 8b.

No, Marilyn has NOT taken up smoking a pipe!!! That's a matte cup which holds a special Latin American tea - - - - at least that's what they CLAIMED!!! ;-)

Mackinley 9a1a, by the time this photo was taken, the only child in the midst of it all!! Don't worry - - - he held his own just fine!!!


Blogger Keetha said...

Hey - - - I just now noticed it - - - there's GHOST on Macky's elbow!!!!!

2/23/2007 9:07 PM  

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