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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kids at Play

Budding artist.

Well, I SAID, "Smile!!"

Mackinley's new bike. Notice he hasn't quite mastered the pedal concept yet.

Kaeleigh's new bike.

Riding together

Sometimes it's a lot of fun just to drag your bike - - -

Especially dragging it THIS way!!!

"Hmmmm - - - what do we have in the trunk of the bike? Ah Ha - - - SIDEWALK CHALK!!"

We lean OVER the bike to draw on the pavement.

Then we put the chalk back in the trunk.

Kaeleigh loved the park - - - or as she later began calling it, "the beach." She scampered right up this pirates rope ladder without a moment's hesitation.

Turning the steering wheel and waving "hello" to the world.

Running (therefore blurry) across the suspension bridge.

Just too pretty for words.

Going for a slide - - - "Catch me, Kamma!"

"Let's do it again!!"

Little Swinger - - - Kaeleigh style

Macky lounging on TWO chairs

It's not a vacuum cleaner, but let's see what it can do!!!

Macky makes a "clean sweep."


Blogger Keri said...

Kaeleigh's too funny coloring with one hand and gripping her toy with the other!! LOL

6/08/2007 12:37 AM  
Blogger Keetha said...

And how about that "smile" she gave me!!!

6/08/2007 8:04 AM  

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