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Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Will Be Short and I Hope Sweet!!!

Here I sit in the parking lot of the Hayward Library in cab of the pick-up while hubby is drumming impatiently on the steering wheel waiting for me to check e-mails and ye olde blog. It's SUNDAY y'all - - - most libraries aren't open then, least of all this one tucked away neatly among the pines and birches of the North Woods. But the wireless is working even here in the parking lot!!!

I have more pictures and more ideas of blog posts - - - - but they will have to wait until I am sitting at a table instead of being propped sideways in a truck cab.

We arrived safely and all is well. There wasn't another family already in the cabin as I feared there might be - - - what with all the mix-ups of dates and all. Terry, the cabin owner, seems confident in his belief that this mix-up is all of my own making and that if he hadn't CALLED ME on Monday, we wouldn't have known in time. LOL - - - the delusionalness of it all!!! I distinctly remember that I CALLED HIM!!!

Its cool and windy here. The water is all chop - - - but hubby caught 4 bass yesterday anyway. The wind did NOT deter me from doing most of a jig-saw puzzle. I have a bit of sky to finish before I start the next one.

Thanks for visiting and checking up on us.

Stay tuned to this channel for more stories from the North Woods!!!


Blogger grammy said...

It's always fun to go "travelin" with you guys, thru the very entertaining and informative blogs. Glad you are enjoying life to the fullest!!!!

If the tackle shop in Hayward would have internet wouldn't be any sweeter for our traveling couple!!!

7/13/2008 2:14 PM  
Blogger Indian Lake Papa said...

Keep calm, cool & relaxed! lol

7/13/2008 3:33 PM  
Anonymous Runningamuck said...

That sounds like so much fun! Hubby and I look forward to copying you in about 17 years! lol! Have fun.

7/13/2008 10:12 PM  
Blogger Vickie said...

Sounds like you are having fun! I liked your pictures of the Chicago lights. Your food also looked yummy.

7/14/2008 10:25 AM  

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