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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For Korie Nae - - -

This quote, which I blatantly stole from Marcia's blog, is for my daughter Korie because I think she could use it today. If you also need it - - - then it's for you too!!! :-)

"There will be a time when loud-mouthed, incompetent people seem to be getting the best of you. When that happens, you only have to be patient and wait for them to self destruct. It never fails." — Richard Rybolt

Sunday, July 29, 2007

On the Road Again - - -

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed? A little out of your league? That's us - - -

Playing with the big boys!!! (We're the rig with the Colts helmet on the back door. Yep, it was on there right through the Bears country of Chicago.)

There's always a hitch!!!

This one was literal AND figurative - - - the first night at the hotel Greg discovered our trailer hitch was bent out of shape and its inner workings had to be replaced.

Culvers on the way in Eau Claire, Wisconsin - - - YUM!!

The First Week - - -

We were joined by my cousin Pete and - - -

His wife, Michelle. We managed to get in one game of putt putt that week.

Arriving at the Original Famous Dave's BBQ on Round Lake in Hayward.

Sitting on the patio.

Waiting for supper - - - where's the BBQ?!?

Tubing, for Pete's sake!! ;-)

Michelle sittin' pretty!!!


Could be an extinct giant New Zealand bird, Moa - - -

Could be the Making of America - - -

Could be the Minute of Angle - - -

Could be Motorcycle Owners of America - - -

Could even be Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics!!!

BUT in this case it is the - - -

Mall of America, our biggest mall. Pete, Michelle and I drove over to the Twin Cities to spend the day.

Are they kidding?!? An amusement park INSIDE a mall?!? And rumor has it this mall is about to DOUBLE in size - - - adding, among other things, an entire hotel.

Michelle is a shopper extraordinaire - - - she covered all three floors of the mall in half a day and still had time to ride the roller coaster with Pete!!!

Pete and I spent most of Michelle's shopping time online in a bookstore. I checked e-mails and blogs, Pete played EQ. (How geeky are we?)

We finished up the day eating at Bubba Gump's with my friends Dan and Angie.

Angie, Dan, and I had an "Indiana North Teen Camp Reunion" at Bubba Gump's. We reminisced about "stolen" golf cart rides and midnight snacks.

It Is No Secret - - -

That I am a football fan, college and pro. (Where are you, Big Chicken - - - here comes the football talk again!!!)

It is also no secret that my favorite college team is the Wisconsin Badgers.

So when we spent the night in Madison on our way home from the North Woods, I cajoled the rest of the group into trying to find - - -

The Badger football stadium. This was the highlight of my trip!!!!

Camp Randall Stadium - - - home of Badger football!!!

This is probably as close to Barry Alvarez as I'll ever get. If you don't know who Barry is, shame on you!!! (Google) ;-)

And right through the arches behind me - - -

Bucky's Locker Room - - - Badgerwear shop right in the stadium!!!

Better yet - - - it was OPEN and we got to go inside!!!

I forgot the digi cam at the hotel, so paid $12 at Bucky's for a disposable one to snap these shots. I just COULDN'T pass up the chance to blog about THIS!!!

Meeting Bucky.

Shopping at Bucky's. (I got this very sweatshirt)

Ya think I'm too old to be a cheerleader??

Striking a "cheerleader" pose - - -

Bucky's Locker Room has a patio on the Badger end zone!!! Check out the view!!! (Wonder if they'd take volunteers to WORK at Bucky's during the games!?!)

Can you tell I'm excited?!?! This is better than Christmas!!!

(Conrad - - - oh how I wish I'd have gone to UW too!!!)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Retirement Wanna-Be's - - -

Go camping again!!! This time it was Summit Lake State Park near New Castle, IN.

Visitors - - -

Pastor Mark and Annette were REALLY brave - - - they spent nearly 24 hours camping with us.

My blogging buddy Char came all the way from California to our campsite!!! (OK - - - I confess - - - she was REALLY in Indiana for a family reunion and worked this visit in on the side!!)

Our friends Mark and Jennie joined us for an evening of Euchre in the air conditioned camper (GIRLS SLAUGHTERED THE GUYS) and a little campfire - - - very little campfire, it was HOT, too hot for a fire!!!

If The Shoe Fits - - -

Wear it!!!