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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick-or-Treat Confession

I forgot today was Halloween, turned on my front porch light, and settled in for an evening of leisure.

Door bell rings. I wonder who could be disturbing my peace and quiet.

Go to the front door, and there are my neighbors. Mom, Dad, and darling little 2-year-old-decked-out-for-Halloween-cowboy. Not only did I forget it was Halloween, but am totally candyless.

I stammered out some excuse about forgetting it was Halloween, only having grown children, not used to getting trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood. (never have had ANY the whole time we've lived here.) Shamefacedly begged their forgiveness. Promised to bring candy to them on a non-Halloween day.

Basically, I'm a pitiful neighbor. Be thankful YOU don't live next door to me.

THEY were great, gracious, and merciful neighbors. They accepted my stammering, stuttering excuses with smiles.

I'm buying candy for that darlin' little cowboy TOMORROW.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Crisp leaves under foot, nip in the air, plump pumpkins, apple cider, and football!!!!

Makes me want to settle in with a cozy fire and chew the fat with you. Come on in and join me for a fireside chat - - - -

Hair-Capades - - -

While Korie gave Keri a hair cut, we decided to use a clothes basket as a make shift barricade to keep Mackinley out of "our hair". (Pun intended.)

Seemed a good idea to us at the time - - - - - wonder what Mackinley thought?

"They've GOT to be kidding if they think this little thing will hinder my progress - - - - - I'll just climb over!!"

"Hey, wait a minute!! This isn't fun any more!!!!! Papoo, PLEASE get me out of here!!!"

Much Ado About Dyson

To end my fireside chat tonight, I have just a few words to say about the dyson which was featured in my previous post.

First of all, it was not my intention to stir up a hotbed of comment controversy with that post, appears I did that completely inadvertently.

Secondly, neither was it my intention to give dyson free advertising - - - also done completely inadvertently.

Here's my "take"on the whole dyson thing - - - - a dyson works fine. Just as fine as any other vacuum we've ever had; no better, no worse. HOWEVER, it also comes with more than double the price tag of any other vacuum cleaner we've ever had. You want a high priced vacuum, go buy yourself a dyson. They come in several color coded expensive varieties

I believe Greg loves his dyson because it came with some fun technology, AND he was convinced of its greatness by TV ads long before he ever tried it on a carpet. (I won't BORE you here with the list of all the other silly things he has purchased as a result of TV ads)

Whatever the case - - - - - Ole certainly loves his dyson and here are some pictures of his Sunday evening exploits with it . (AFTER the Colts game, of course!!)

Cleaning hair cut "drippings" off of Joshua's sweat shirt.

Attempting to "remove" Korie from the kitchen. ;-)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

That Goofy Cat - - -

Fuzzie is a "daddy's girl." She follows him around the house, jumps into his arms, sits at his feet. Quite ridiculous really since it was I who wanted and bought her, yet she acts like I'm not in her world at all.

This dyson is also Greg's. He wanted and bought it. (It is he who vacuums around here, pas moi.) He thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. Leaves it "proudly" on display in the middle of one room or another.

Greg worked in the ER yesterday - - - he's there for 15 hours at a time.

Fuzzie spent last evening, in Greg's absence, curled up beside the dyson. I wonder if she has associated dyson with Greg???? All I know is, that even when she left dyson's side for a bit, she quickly returned to sit and preen herself contentedly.

Goofy cat.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Morning

I am providing "Extreme Cheesy Potatoes" for a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Dinner at church tomorrow.

Since Keri, Jaena, and Thursday's Table have been showing all their culinary delights, I decided I didn't want to be outdone. Besides, though I used to cook, it is such a RARE event now, that it does rather deserve a little notice. (Hehehehehe)

Take a peek - - - -


Before I started to cook I set out: Three pans with generic Pam,

One mixing bowl and spoon,

Six cream of mushroom, Three sour cream, Three cream cheese, Dried chopped onion, Salt and Pepper to taste, (Look at that - - - can we say O. C. D.???!!!)

Nine bags of grated cheddar cheese,

One gallon of milk, Six bags of hash browns and a partridge in pear tree. (Oops - - that's Christmas.)

In the background, of course, TV tuned to ESPN College Game Day!!!!

Mission Accomplished

All ready to be baked later.

Just in time for the kick-off!!!

Mug Shot and Lemon Bars

I have never had a lemon bar from Starbucks.

Mug Shot aka Miss Etiquette has literally been making me drool for one as she has repeatedly talked about them in various comments.

Today Ole returned home from running errands with a Starbucks cup in hand. I whined that he hadn't brought me a lemon bar. He said, "Haven't you had a lemon bar? I've had lots of them." I informed him that I certainly had NOT had a lemon bar, and was quite incensed that he had been having them without SHARING, especially in light of the fact that I LOVE lemon things while he on the other hand generally avoids them.

A little later Ole had to make another trip down the bypass and THIS time he returned with a lemon bar for me!!!!!! (Thank you Ole!)

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Jaena, I'm in love. No WONDER you have been ceaselessly singing their praise!!!!!!!!!

I have pictures and a story ready to post sometime today - - - - - but right now I'm watching Wisconsin beat Purdue, and priorities are priorities (speaking of football - - - - - Big Fat Chicken, where in the world have you been this week????) - - - - so I'll get back to the football game now and post less important things later. ;-)

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Now just whom do you suppose he is spoofing?

And the Star of The Show - - - -

Chicken Little. The cutest, sweetest, smartest Chicken in the world!!!

Keri Getting a Picture - - -

of me getting a picture of Keri getting a picture of me getting - - - - - - - - - (this is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends . . . . .)

Papoo and Kaeleigh

"Papoo, you're really silly, I think I'll pretend you aren't there."

Kaeleigh Angel

Or is she "Little Imp"??? (Look at that face!!)

Papoo and Mackinley

"What do you mean I've had enough to eat????? I'm just getting started!!! Somebody over there has PIZZA!"

Kaeleigh and Kamma

Teaching her all about football. :-)

This Just In - - - - -

In a startling news development, it has been learned by one of our undercover reporters that there is indeed a security camera at your local Mickey-D drive through. This innocuous appearing machine may in reality be judgmental as well as utilitarian.

It would appear that Mr. "Youngchippermalevoice" came to the conclusion that Funny Lady was indeed a senior citizen based on the evidence his own eyes beheld.

Mystery solved. Big Brother is indeed watching.

Funny Lady may be reached with condolences at the comments button just below this post.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chicken Fat and Football Addendum

Big Fat became a Chicken tonight and defected to Nascar - - - - whatever that is.

In my opinion, Chicken MISSED the best of the day's fare of football. What about that Florida-Auburn game!!!!! Who'd a thunk a Tiger could whip a Gator in that exciting, down to the wire manner. That was the Game Of The Day.

HOLD THE PRESSES - - - - I was about to say the Wolverines had beaten Penn State, but the Lions just scored and now its a one touchdown game. . . . . can you feel the excitement mounting!!??? . . . . unfortunately it was too little too late and Michigan won by 7.

Meanwhile, on the other side of our continent USC was locked in a deadly conflict with Arizona State. That game was all tied up at 21 for some time until USC managed to score a TD. Arizona State had the ball with just over two minutes remaining, but couldn't capitalize on their possession so USC, like Michigan, won by a TD.

It was an exciting day at Football!!!!

Forget Nascar - - - - its not even a true sport, is it???? ;-)

Hey Big Fat Chicken - - -

This is for you. Even though you won't tell me who you are, I promised you I would talk about football today, so here goes - - - -

What about those Hoosiers!!!! Today they were a basketball power trying to break into the football arena with an impressive win over the Iowa Hawkeyes. If anyone deserves that kind of success, it is Terry Hoeppner.

My Badgers shredded the Golden Gophers - - - - - a Gopher should know it can't stand up to a Badger. But, WHY did ESPN stop showing the game right in the middle of the third quarter just because it was already a blow out - - - - I mean, those few of us around here who are Wisconsinites wanted to SEE the shredding all the way to the end!!! Personally, I would have liked to watch MORE of P.J. Hill.

Vanderbilt upset Georgia. Wake Forest slipped past NC State. Purdue rolled over Northwestern.

More games to go - - - - - looks to me like Ohio State will make quick work of Michigan State, though I'd love to see that become a REAL game here in a bit. The Spartans will have to wake up first for THAT to happen.

Could Penn State beat Michigan later tonight???? I know some Michigan fans who don't believe it could happen and some Michigan enemies who are praying it will.

I'm missing Notre Dame today, and will miss the Colts tomorrow. What do they THINK having bye weeks!!!!

OK Big Fat Chicken - - - there you have it, the Saturday Football Reflections by KB. Now what do YOU have to say??????

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Little Friday The 13th Anecdote For You

Hope this makes you smile - - - -

I decided to indulge in one final pedicure of the season on this my precious day off from school. It was 12:30 p.m. when I finished, so I decided to swing into the drive-through at Micky-D's for some cheap lunch.

There was a long line of cars, but I didn't care - - - - I had "free" time to spare today, so I got in the shorter of the two lines and waited. Eventually it was my turn to talk to the machine and place my order.

A chipper young male voice told me it would be $2.60 and to please pull around.

I was rather puzzled. I had ordered three items from the dollar menu, so how in the world could my price only be two dollars and sixty cents???? (True, I had not double checked the PRICES on the dollar menu - - - - but isn't the POINT of a dollar menu that everything on it is $1????) He MUST have forgotten to add one of my items.

When I got up to the "pay" window - - - where I was talking to actual live people (two girls this time) - - - I asked if they had my order correct. Yes, they listed off everything I had ordered. So I asked them how my bill was under three dollars when I had ordered three items from the dollar menu.

They said, "He put you down for a senior drink."

OK - - - - so, let's get this straight. While I am MORE than happy to pay less for my drink on a SENIOR discount - - - - just HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? "Chipperyoungmalevoice" did NOT ask me if I was a SENIOR.

Was there a security camera there so that "chipperyoungmalevoice" could see me while I could not see him???? And if that is the case - - - - do I actually LOOK like a senior???? I'm fairly sure he did not mean a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, and I don't think they get discounts anyway!!!

And, if he COULD NOT SEE ME - - - - as I could not see him - - - - does that mean I SOUND like an elderly person??????

Grant you, I will admit freely ABOUT MYSELF that I am getting older - - - older than dirt. BUT, this is the first time in my life (other than generic letters inviting me to join the AARP which they send out routinely to anyone whose birthdate is pre 1990) that I have ever been CONFUSED for a SENIOR.

What did I do?????

Kept my mouth shut (believe it or not), PAID the $2.60 and drove away to enjoy my cheeseburger, fries, and drink.

However - - - perhaps it was not I who had the biggest "Senior" moment in this little scenario. When I opened my cheeseburger, though the tag stuck to the outside of the wrapper proclaimed in large letters "NO KETCHUP" - - - which WAS the way I ordered it - - - - - the burger on the inside was POSITIVELY SWIMMING in the nasty red gunk. Maybe it is THEY who need the glasses and/or hearing aid, not me.

At least I can remember from the time of ordering to the time of serving that I said "NO KETCHUP!!" ;-)

The Gift I Most Cherish - - - - -


Call me old. Call me a fossil. Call me anything you like, BUT - - - at this stage in life, I find the gift of FREE TIME the most valuable gift of all.

Today I am HOME from school with a bit of that free time because it is Fall Break. Normally, at our school, Fall Break is for the students and the teachers go to Convention. THIS YEAR - - - convention was a one day event, so today we have a free day. I can't tell you how absolutely DELICIOUS it is to be home with some time to re-energize. (And to BLOG, of course - but then, blogging and re-energizing are synonyms for me)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Have You Seen It????

Blogging hit the "big time" - - - it has gotten into a commercial!!!!

The scene: Husband and wife sitting in their car enjoying strawberry cheesecake milkshakes from Sonic. Here's my "rough" translation of what happens next - - -

Husband says: "I think I'll write all about this on my blog so my readers will know to try one."

Wife says: "What readers? The only person who reads your blog is your mom"

Husband replies: "No, I think she told her neighbor"

Wife: "Oh, so now you have TWO readers?"

I LOVE IT!!!!! (No, not the shakes - - - - the fact that blogging is in a commercial)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Version of the "Sunday Table"

First Joel made a blog page for his "Thursday Table," then Jaena showed us her "Sunday Table" as a contrast to his.

I found myself home-alone in Marion today, so I thought I'd share MY gourmet version of a "Sunday Table" with you.

I spared NOTHING in its preparation.

See for yourself - - - -

The "Table" - - -

My comfy chaise, edible centerpice, fuzzy blanket, cordless phone, all-important-sole-possession-remote control, Colts colors, and Turd Ferguson Trout Pillow ready to cradle my neck.

Five Star Fine Dining!!

The Place Setting - - -

Take-out La Charreada arroz con pollo, guacamole, salsa and chips all served on delicate porcelain china.

Simply Elegant!!!

Oh The Ambiance - - -

Front row seat at the widescreen - - - Joseph Addai ready for action - - - it doesn't get any better than this!!!!

And In Case You Wondered - - -

When the "fat lady had sung" the Colts had won, 14 -13.

Perhaps not their finest hour - - - but a WIN none-the-less.

And to all those nay-sayers who said Vince Young would never make it big in the NFL - - - HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW???????

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not To Be Out Done - - - -

Greg wanted me to run his picture on this celebrity matching site too.

I do feel a tad vindicated that his #1 match is a female.

(Or is it???? I mean, now I'm not sure I can tell - - - - )

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Someone PLEASE Call an Ambulance!!!!

I think I've had a stroke, followed by a heart attack, and am now lying here totally unconscious waiting for the grim reaper to take me away!!!!!

My COLTS did all this to me by letting their game go to the final seconds. I was already stroking out when the Jets tried all those fancy lateral passes with just 8 seconds to go. When I thought the ball was dead on the ground - - - - BECAUSE IT HAD BEEN DROPPED - - - I fell on my face on the floor in utter relief - - - - only to hear the ANNOUNCER say it wasn't a dead ball, glanced at the TV in SHOCK AND HORROR and saw that there were still more LATERAL passes happening!!!!! FINALLY a Colt fell on a dropped ball and held it there - - - - game over - - - - Colts won by 3.

My heart is still pounding out of my chest. It will probably take me until 1 p.m. next Sunday to recover - - - - just in time for the start of the next Colts game.