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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - - -

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Barbara who was raising seven children. As sometimes happens, her sister-in-law became very ill and for a time could no longer care for her three children. Without hesitating, Barbara took her two nieces and one nephew into her brood which then consisted of ten.

While toiling to raise ten children, Grandpa Mac, rather tongue-in-cheek, dubbed her "The Old Woman in the Shoe." I say tongue-in-cheek since Grandpa Mac was at the time still in the process of raising the last of his own thirteen!!!

Rather than being daunted or insulted by the title, Barbara took it as her own. In fact, she reveled in it. For the rest of her ninety years on this Earth, she built her life around the "shoe" theme. She not only cared for those ten children, but she also gave of her heart to every child whom God sent across her path.

She began to collect small ornamental shoes, tokens of her willingness and ability to extend the borders of her family. Over the years she collected hundreds of them, both shoes and new children for whom to care.

Today Barbara's family gathered to mourn her passing and celebrate her life. She left behind a wonderful legacy of love, some very large shoes to fill, and a collection of shoes!!! Her children asked us to take a shoe from the collection as a memento of her life.

Aunt Barbara, I chose this shoe. I will cherish it always as a reminder of the love you taught us all to share.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Little Camper in the Woods - - -

For most of the past week, we made this lovely wooded spot in Ouabache State Park our home. Greg's mom and sister came for a short visit to MEET MACKINLEY, see us, MEET MACKINLEY, visit Kelly's new home, MEET MACKINLEY, see Keri, Jason, Korie and Kyle, and MEET MACKINLEY. Since Ouabache is only five minutes from Keri's house, this camp site was a lovely gathering place.

We camped in the nonelectric part of the park. Greg hooked his trolling motor battery up to the camper so we could have lights and use the water pump to have running water. That ONE battery lasted us the entire six nights!!! True, the lights WERE getting pretty dim last night, but hey - - - that was the SIXTH night!!! :-)

Our camper refrigerator AND hot water heater both run on bottled gas. Hey - - - we really ROUGH it, don't we?!?!

Our sleeping quarters.

Our dining room.

Our living room - - -all ready to "sit a spell" around the campfire.

Coffee's on - - - come on over!!!

New pudgie pie iron. This one's not a "Tonka," Tony - - - it's a "Rome."

Eatin' at the ONE AND ONLY Bummies!!!

Of course EVERYONE who comes to this blog is welcome to look at this post - - - but it is SPECIFICALLY for our Heavilin cousins; Tony, Peetie, and Donny. They know why. :-)

Bummies is our favorite drive-in. Wednesday night we ate there for "old times sake."

What do you think, Peetie - - - can you tell it's "OUR" Bummies?????? Tony, can you find us??? We didn't even need photo shop to be "in" this picture!!!!

Here we are - - - Greg's in the truck on the right, Keri and Macky are in the Jeep on the left. (I guess technically I'm NOT "in" the photo because I'm standing on the concrete taking the picture - - - hehehehehehe)

"They better come take my order or I'm gonna HONK this thing!!! Ooooops - - - I DID honk this thing!!

Waitin' for the goodies.

This food is GRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!


Greg's mom Rosie, known to my blog's "adoring pubic" as Grammy

And Aunt Jeany, Greg's sister, who thought she would play hide-and-seek with the camera.

She was quite successful - - - -

But the camera finally caught her!!! (Tag - - - you're it!!!)

Camping at Ouabache - - - The Sequel

Look who biked in to visit!!! Jason, Keri, and Mackinley

"Where's the beef???"

Macky mowing.

O that this were a REAL mower!!!

Macky golfing on his own personal green.

Aunt Jeany joins in

Celebrational dance on the green.

"Hey Papoo, let ME play that guitar too!!"

"Look at me - - - I got up here all by myself!!"

Papoo in a hammock (is that like a pig in a blanket???? Hehehehehehe)

Thank you to Betsy for the Bolivian Hammock.

Papoo and Macky in a hammock

Fun in a hammock - - - Macky and Mommy

Korie and Chris

Aunt Jeany and Kyle in the "dining room."

"Yes these are Auntie Korie's keys, and she says I can take her car too if I want to!!!"

Bluffton friends Brian, Lacey, and little Nolan stopped by our campfire.

Dinner at Outback

The gang's all here!!! (Except Korie and Kyle who couldn't make it that night.)

Macky in his dew-rag "nappie." Notice he's been chewing on a lemon slice.

Out on the Patio - - -

In Kelly's back yard.

Korie, Chris, Kyle and Brittney have a chat

Aunt Jeany

Greg "helps" his mom pose for a picture

Kelly demonstrates his beagle's "form" for planting a big one.

Macky plays "suffleboard" with half of a pudgie pie iron.

Korie and Chris

Not Your Ordinary Trike - - -

Go figure - - - - Kelly has a trike!!! It's reminiscent of a big wheel and he found it in his neighbor's trash. All it needed was a little air in the front tire and viola - - -

Greg decides to give it a try. "Watch me, Macky, I'll show you how it's done!"

Kelly cheers dad on

The old man's still got "it."

"Hey - - - let ME try this thing too!"

"Now if I could only make it go - - - "

Trick Rider

Monday, June 18, 2007

Deck Disaster - - -

Remember those past posts I made with pictures of people sitting comfortably around our deck table under the umbrella? You know, those posts I made as recently as oh, YESTERDAY????

Well - - - - wish them a fond farewell.

I didn't even know it was getting windy. I just HAPPENED to see the umbrella billowing, and before I could get outside to lower it, this disaster occurred.

Now here's my first question - - - how did the glass shatter like that without the table or even one chair blowing over?????

And here's my last question - - - how in the world am I going to clean up this mess?!?!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day at 1402 - - -

Greg, a happy dad with his two girls. The boys were busy elsewhere.

Papoo with his two girls and his two grandchildren.

"I want some of that pink stuff too, Papoo!!!"

Keri and Jason. Happy Father's Day, Jason!!!

Our cousins - - - Peetie and his son Brad.