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Monday, March 31, 2008

March Fifth Sunday at Grandpa Great's

Yesterday was our Fifth Sunday at Grandpa Great's. This time all of us who are within driving distance were there - - - except for Greg who was caring for the ill and ailing in the MGH ER.

Here is a sampling of the fun - - - soon I'll post the antics of the grandkids, but I'll give you time to digest this first. (Pun intended)

This is the kids table in the living room.

Keri and Kaeleigh

Kelly just hangin' round

Grandpa Great explains it all to Kelly and Keri

Pam and Joe smooching

Jason, Kaeleigh, Mackinley, and Keri. Keri was rather heart broken to have her family graduated up to the big people's table in the dining room. We were all glad to have them!!!

Kelly and Cathy

Dustin and Kayla

(Do you see Uncle Joe's eye peeking between them??? How FUNNY is that!?!)

Korie and Chris

Kyle, the thinker - - - or is that stinker?

Introducing Our Newest Grandchild - - -

Korie, not to be outdone by her sister who has already given us one grandson and has a granddaughter on the way, presented us with a grandpuppy, Buckley. Isn't he the cutest in his little checkered bandanna?

Buckley snuggles in between his mommie and daddy. Who do you think he looks like?

Auntie Cathy LOVES Buckley.

Buckley gets to know his first cousin once removed, Dustin.

It's a family moment. Buckley with his mommie, daddy, Auntie Keri and Uncle Kelly.

Buckley with mommie and Auntie Keri.

By George, We've Got Tulips!!!

The other day as I pulled into the garage, I glanced at the flower bed and thought, "The snow blower must have piled up the rocks." I made a mental note to fix it later.

Today when I pulled into the garage, I noticed the same rock pile, only this time out of the corner of my eye - - -

I saw something green.

I saw TULIPS sprouting!!!

Only, I never PLANTED any tulips.

I think the Easter Bunny planted them, and I think the Easter Bunny's name is GREG!

Thanks!!! :-)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Butcher Family - Semi Posed

Last weekend our Aunt Bobbie went home to be with Jesus. Those of us who could gathered together today to share memories and celebrate her life.

Uncle Clinton, my mom's only brother. Aunt Bobbie was his wife.

The three "babies" of nine siblings. Uncle Clinton, Aunt Janet, and my mom, Beulah.

Cousin Tonya

Aunt Janet, Donny Joe, and Joanie.

Karen, daughter of Uncle Clinton and Aunt Bobbie.

Bruce and Christy

Kent, Son of Uncle Clinton and Aunt Bobbie

Tonya, Pam, and me

Uncle Clinton and all his grandchildren. Left to right circling counterclockwise around Uncle Clinton: Benjamin, Tara, Heather, Dax, Brittney, Cody, Caleb, Sierra and McKenzie.

These are all the first cousins of my generation who were at the dinner. From left to right with a zig and a zag: Donny Joe, Kent, Pam, Richard, Tonya, Bruce, Karen, Keetha, Kim, and Kevin. (Roger was at the funeral, but wasn't there for this photo.)

Butcher Clan - Reality 101

A few candid shots - - -

Richard gives Kim the "low down" while Pam and Darla "catch up" in the background.

Say "cheese" Bruce!

Kent and Greg

Richard, what ARE you talking about ??? Hehehehehe

Pam warns them they're headed for my blog - - -

Greg and Joe. Don't ask, don't tell!!!

These pictures prove it is VERY difficult to get a good picture of a group of "kids" - - - no matter HOW old they are!!!

Just click on these pictures to enlarge them and see all the FUNNY expressions. Yep - - - we're related!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Little Badger Heart is Broken

Bucky went down in flames of defeat to the "Cinderella" Davidson tonight in the NCAA tourney.

I'll admit it - - - Wisconsin didn't deserve to win with the way they played in the second half, so please don't laugh right in my face about it when you see me.

I am crushed enough as it is.

Davidson rocked - - - and that is all I will say about that.

Beach Left-Overs

OK - - - so I went a little "wild and crazy" with my camera in Florida, then I didn't have time to post EVERYTHING from McDonalds - - - I was on a TIME LIMIT there ya know. So - - - here are some odds and ends I MEANT to post and never did.


Do you think this is where they get "Grouper Fingers?" Hehehehehe

Maybe Ole will end up looking like THIS if he keeps associating with fish!!!!

And Lena might end up looking like THIS if she keeps associating with Ole!!!

Our cute little rental car in front of dad's condo.

Looking north on Gulf Shore Drive in front of the condo.

South on Gulf Shore Drive.

Palm lined road at Venetian Bay.

Grammy, here are the blooms on the Traveler's Palm that Greg and Dad SWORE were orchids. Set them straight, will ya???? ;-)

Naples Dock canal - - - just behind "The Dock" restaurant.

I like food. I even like to LOOK at food. So - - - here's a couple of meals from "The Dock" which I did not previously post. This is my plate of grouper and chips - - - very good.

How about a little Lobster Louis Salad????

Same Beach - - -

Different Day - - -

Different Sun Set - - -

Still Breath-Taking.