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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Could You Hear It???

It was the "crash" of two worlds colliding!!!!!

I was just finishing up my "duty" as After School Study Hall supervisor today when the door opened and DEB walked in!!!!! Even though Deb was a teen camper several years ago while I was a counselor, I can't say that we ever actually "met" in person before. I think she was as surprised to find me in the LCS cafeteria as I was to see her walk in the door!!!! What a fun surprise it was.

Speaking of Deb - - - - for those of you who were waiting on pins and needles (like ANY of you actually were) to hear how I spent my Friday night (See Friday, 9/22 post) - - - let me just say Deb was the CLOSEST to the correct answer in the guessing game.

I brought home take-out food, watched one and a half pre-taped crime dramas, checked my blog circuit a couple of times, went to bed with my book at 7:40 and was fast asleep by 8. WOW - - - am I OLD or what!!??!!

Anon - - - I think maybe I SHOULD have asked where that belly dancing place was!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blogging During a Football Break

Ole ONLY lasted 23 hours on this most recent fishing trip. I woke up at 1:10 a.m. and saw that he was "creeping" silently into the bedroom trying not to awaken me. They caught more salmon, so they are happy. Said they aren't going there again this fall. Lest you think its because they have tired of it, let me reassure you that is NOT the reason. The salmon run is ending.

Spent my morning and early afternoon selling tickets at a Junior High soccer tournament at LCS.

Came home in time to see my Badgers lose to the Wolverines. HOWEVER - - - they were up 10 to 0 during the first half, and played strong to the end. They looked better against MI than ND did last weekend.

More good games coming up - - - - Notre Dame at Michigan State and Penn State at Ohio State. It's all about states this afternoon and evening.

Gotta get down there and keep watching.

Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Friday Night Again!!!

And I'm home alone.

Kyle got a job which started tonight, so he won't be home till the mall closes.

Ole took Sven and went back up to the Big Pond fishing. They left at 2 a.m. but I doubt I see them until well after dark, looney as they are about flinging little colorful plastic rattling fish in the water.

Home alone on a Friday night. What to do????? Here are some ideas, which do YOU think I'll do?????

**Read a Book
**Get take-out and watch crime solving shows I
previously recorded
**Spend time blogging
**Go Dancing
**Find Euchre buddies
**Go shopping
**Eat out
**Go to a HS football game
**Stay up all night watching Chick Flicks
**Go to bed by 8 p.m.
**A combination of several of the above
(but which ones???)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Football Update - - -

The really big killer was Notre Dame losing to Michigan. Don't know what was wrong with our Irish, but they didn't look like a #1 team on Saturday. Brady Quinn won't earn a Heisman THAT way. Rassin Frassin - - - I hate to admit it, but Michigan deserved the win.

Other schools of interest: Ohio State rocked, Wisconsin rolled!!! Purdue and Michigan State won. Auburn slid by LSU and Florida toppled Tennessee. Miami, The U, couldn't BUY a win - - - even with Javaras James.

Clemson whipped FSU in the "Bowden Bowl" - - - at FSU!!! Bitter pill for Bobby - - - third straight defeat to son, Tommy. (Wonder what this year's Bowden Family holiday gatherings will be like after that!!!)

And today - - - - the COLTS ruled!!! (Nevermind that a win over the Texans isn't much of a feat - - - we'll take it.) Joseph Addai just might ad-do. Think I'll get his jersey.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Have No Athletic Gene - - - -

But I'm a very skilled spectator and ticket-taker.

One of my many 'hats' at LCS is ticket taking. Today it was a soccer game.

Having a Little Fun Along the Way

Melissa and I "pose" a bit for the camera. Melissa brought so many people she had to buy two "batches" of tickets.

A Ticket for Jerolyn

Rachel Conrad was the photographer while Jerolyn Seaborn got her ticket.

Jerolyn's Little Puppy

Has a broken hind leg with a cast nearly as big as himself!!!!

Notice my shirt - - - - it speaks the truth.

More Salmon

Sven, Ole, and Mike Owen (henceforth to be known as Lars) made another trip to the big pond to catch salmon.

Lars' First Salmon

Ole is trying to 'break in' yet another fishing buddy. Meet Lars. Lars wasn't prepared for the waves on the big pond, so I don't think this trip was ALL FUN for him.

Unlike Sven and Ole, Lars isn't completely crazy - - - - he said he wouldn't want to do a fishing all-nighter more than once a year. Sven and Ole would go every week if they could. Shoot - - - Sven and Ole would quit the rest of their lives and just fish.

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Friday Night

Those are some of my favorite words in the entire English language.

I have other favorites too - - - - like plethora, modicum, moratorium, mitochondria, chemosynthesis, and phagocytosis.

But that isn't the point of this posting. This posting is about how THANKFUL I am that it is Friday night and there are two whole school free days ahead.

Ah, the freedom of those days. Sigh * * * * *

Anyone "with" me on that?

Only down side - - - - some of you fellow BA members are out at WMCR and won't be around for for blogging fun

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It Has Come To My Attention - - - - - -

Sunday a "little birdie" told me that he and "hundreds" (exaggeration I'm sure) of his co-workers have found this circle of blogs and that they check them "all the time" (his words, not mine).

Now, while I am aware that anyone in the world, nay - - - the UNIVERSE - - -could come onto these blogs, and let me add I am more than HAPPY for them to do so - - - something in me cries, "foul!!!!" to the fact that NONE of them has left a comment to let us know they dropped by our slice of cyberspace!!!!!

Methinks Miss Etiquette will agree - - - there really should be a PENALTY for that!

We are not NPR or PBS - - - we do not hold LONG spring and fall campaigns where we tearfully beg for monitary support, nor do we conduct an auction or a tele-sale to augment our coffers - - - all we ask is a tiny little comment every so often to let us know you enjoy our show.

No need for a credit card, just let your fingers do the walking.

We are all waiting with eager anticipation.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Blogging Addiction????

I know all about AA and NA - - - - but is there a BA??????? Bloggers Anonymous???

I'm afraid I need it. I mean, isn't it a sure sign of an addiction if I look for comments on my own blog at 4:15 a.m. before I get ready for school, AND at the very least also search Deb and Anon's blog comments to see what drama I missed there while I slept?????

Sheesh - - - I need help.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So I Married a Crazy Man

At least I think it's crazy to get out of a nice warm bed at 2 a.m., drive several hours to Michigan City, toss a few fake minnows into a small pond (aka Lake Michigan) for hours on end in the hot sun, and then perform several major dissections before returning home.

Just let me buy a few fish sticks at Lance's and save all the trouble!!!!!

But my other half seems to thrive on such craziness. Check it out.

What a Catch!!!!

The fish are nice too!! :-)

Predissection (Just)

Five salmon and one northern pike.

We had grilled salmon and pike for supper tonight. Tasty.

Monday, September 04, 2006


My sister Pam and her husband Joe hosted a Labor Day family party.

When we say "famiy" we include in-laws, out-laws, and shirt-tails. (Elvin Weinmann would be proud.)
We started this all-inclusive tradition years ago, and now that our children are getting married, it is expanding.

For those of you who were working, or live too far away - - - - WE MISSED YOU!!

I'm attempting to "share the love" here - - - -

(BTW - - - all you "naysayers" who made fun of me, and called me Aunt Alice Mae all day just because I was wielding a camera - - - -you aren't allowed to ENJOY these pictures. You MAY look at them, but don't you dare ENJOY them!!!)

PREPARING the Food - - -

Joe gets "help" grilling the shrimp from Dustin (his son) and Greg (his brother out-law). Bill Runyan looks on from the shade of the garage.

Buffet Table

Fruit bowl, slaw, "lovids," grapes, kiwis, grilled shrimp, Papoo John's homemade bread, and various other goodies, including Pam's arm. (Hehehehehehe)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Greg Plans His Next Bite - - -

While dad, front and center, assists in food preparation!!!

Korie, Pam, and Joe are all "working" in the background too.

FACES of Fun - - - -

Had you been with us at Pam's party, here are some faces you would have seen:

Auntie Korie and Kaeleigh

These two are quite inseparable.

Keri and Jason Baker

Our daughter and her husband, the parents of Kaeleigh and Mackinley. Jason is a MICHIGAN fan - - - but we love him anyway.

Jason, you were a "special delivery package" sent from God to be part of our family.

"Bring on the Food!!!"

Mackinley Baker, our grandson and Eater Extraordinaire!!!!

Kaeleigh Baker

Our granddaughter.

Korie, Kayla, and Greg

Kayla, our nephew Dustin's wife, is sandwiched between Korie and Greg.

Korie and Kayla have been LCS friends since middle school, and it was in fact Korie who introduced Kayla to Dustin.


Standing BESIDE the post - - - Beaulah Heavilin, peeking AROUND the post - - - Nathan Birky, and hiding BEHIND the post, Bill Runyan.


Korie and Kaeleigh played in an empty field beside Pam's house. Dandelions and Doggies provided the entertainment. In this photo Kaeleigh is searching for just the right dandelion.

Look What I Found

The perfectly "ripe" dandelion.

Here, Take This!!!

Kaeleigh needs expert help from Korie.

Blowing Dandelion Fluff

Korie gives Kaeleigh a lesson in dandelion seed dispersal. :-)

Like a Giant Jig Saw Puzzle - - -

First piece in for the second trip to the new abode. By the time the truck was packed, we looked like the Clampets going to Maui, but away we went through Yuppieville USA anyway, as if we didn't have a care in the world!!! (Picture another couch, bed frame, mattress AND boxsprings all in this ONE load)

Movin' On Up - - - -

Korie's new house - - - within minutes of work. It comes with a new room-mate, less rent, and a "handyman" to do the yard work. (The room-mate's dad!!!!)

Can't beat that with a stick!!

Korie is walking on air!!!

The Back of Korie's House

When I think of the motley assortment of places Greg and I lived for years and years - - - - - - I am amazed and excited to see my children so quickly finding such lovely homes.

Kutie Korie On Deck

What a perfect place the Lord has provided for our little Miss Nae!!! Just look at this deck!!!!

Korie and Pam Pose by the Pond

A fun little "perk" at the new house - - - - a coy pond in the back yard!!!

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!!!

Greg searches through the algae for signs of life in the goldfish pond.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another Form of Saturday Afternoon Indulgence

No time today for taking and posting pictures - - - - I'm too busy watching college football games!!!!!

Though NOT a MI fan, I was "reduced" to watching them play as I couldn't find any of "my" teams' games being aired. That will all be fixed tonight when I watch Notre Dame beat Georgia Tech. :-) Go Irish.

And let me just say how EXCITED I am that it is again football season. It has been a LONG time since the College Bowl games and the Superbowl ended the last season.

I've been forced to watch old games on Classic ESPN in the interim.