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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

We had one at our feeder this evening.


The Case of the Missing Cheese

I often eat a slice of pepperjack cheese or a piece of string cheese for lunch at school. I purchase some cheese and place it in the refrigerator in the faculty work room so it will be there when I need/want it.

Last time I bought a super-sized pack of string cheese (on sale, of course) and thought it would last me a LONG time, maybe even until the end of the school year. But alas - - - in just a few days it was almost gone.

Now, I AM big eater - - - but even I did not consume 30 some sticks of string cheese in just a matter of a few days. I began to suspect that there was a mouse amongst us who was nibbling on my cheese at an astonishing rate.

So - - - this morning when I brought a NEW supply of cheese, I placed it - - - package and all - - - in a zip lock bag. I wrote my name on the outside of the bag and put a large rubber band around the whole package to make SURE it was secure and to give the "STAY OUT OF THIS CHEESE" message. I placed all that in the refrigerator around 7:30 this morning.

At about 10:30, during my planning period, I decided to go check on my cheese.

I could not believe my EYES!!!!

Someone had TORN a large gaping RENT in the baggie, ripped into the packaging, and taken a string cheese. I'm SURE they took one because I COUNTED them.

Now - - - - who in the WORLD is nabbing my dairy products???????

I tell ya - - - it's a case of GRAND THEFT CHEESE!!!!!!

Oh how I wish there was a security camera beamed down on that refrigerator door.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

One of these girls is having her 4th Birthday. Can you guess which one?

Princess Kaeleigh, of course!!! Brother Mackinley is prepared to help her celebrate.

Look at THAT Papoo!!!

Card Sharks

"Cindy Crawford" models the sweater

Opening the BIG computer

Birthday cupcake

How to eat a cupcake without getting your hands messy.

"Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes"

Just For Fun - - -

"Life's a RIOT!!"

"Down Spout"

"I'm having THIS MUCH fun!!!"

"Tunnel Vision"

"May I open my presents now???"

"We All Live in a Yellow Submarine - - -"

"Mack 'n Cheese"

Birds Eat Here

The tower is complete - - - - except for the paint. It might be a month of Sundays before hubby adds that, so I'm showing it as it is.

Can you believe that man standing up there on a ladder with a sharp power tool!?!

The birds are LOVING their new McBroyles.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hubby's Folly

AKA "In Which Hubby Builds a Gigantic Monstrosity for the Back Yard"

Digging the post hole for the edifice.

Temporary bracing to hold the "Eiffel Tower" until the concrete sets up.

I told him I was registering a protest about his hanging the heavy bird feeder on "The Folly" BEFORE the concrete had set up.

He said "I'll file your protest away in the round file of my mind - - - where I file MOST of your protests."

Later he plans to shorten the arms a bit and then paint his "Masterpiece" to match the deck.

Stay tuned for updates - - -

It's Getting Worse - - -

Or perhaps I should say BETTER, since I LOVE it.

Not too fond of this graphic with that nasty needle though.

But - - - when I DREAMED last night about posting to my blog, I thought I'd take this little quiz again. The DREAMING question wasn't on there - - - but my number jumped from 78 to 82 anyway.

How addicted are you?

You Might Well Ask - - -

"Why are you up BLOGGING at 3:43 A.M. on a Saturday?"

Good question.

I woke up - - - heard that it was raining, and came downstairs to close windows.

There sat my beautiful little red lappy, just calling to me to see what was happening in blogging world - - -

So here I am.

Not to worry - - - I'm going back to bed shortly.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Progress Notes

One week ago today I posted pictures of these same, or nearly these same scenes.

Spring is making progress in Indiana!!!!

Can you see it?

Of course the sky isn't a beautiful blue today - - - but hey, it hit 80 degrees anyway!!!

Crazy Horse Revisited - - -

I can't believe it!!! Today I saw a DONKEY in that yard. I didn't have my camera, so you're just going to have to take my word for it until I can capture the little critter on film.

Well - - - it was either a donkey or a very scruffy horse.

Two disclaimers about Crazy House:

1) The owners are out there in that yard nearly daily WORKING on it to help it look this way. This is NOT the result of entropy. It is, quite literally, someone's Garden of Eden.

2) Crazy House is IN TOWN, and not in the country where one might expect to find goats and chickens and donkeys. Ewwww Awwwww.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Remember Crazy Horse?

Well, this AIN'T him - - -

It's his twin brother "Crazy House." "He" lives just a few blocks from me. I can't "capture" all that is crazy house with my camera. (I tried - - - but I felt a tad conspicuous standing out in front gawking, and there was nothing subtle about my BRIGHT RED DURANGO either.)

Words fail me.

Gates to nowhere. Black visqueen paths. Vegetables growing in happy abandon amongst the grass. "New" things appearing almost daily. All this and - - -

Chickens and goats besides.

It's somebody's paradise.

Just not mine.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"Pretty little maidens,

All in a row."

How did that dandelion "sneak" into our tulip bed? He better watch out 'cause hubby will exterminate him!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Waitin' at Cracker Barrel - - -

A kid's dream come true!!!

I want THIS bubble machine - - -

Or maybe this one.

What in the world is THIS thing and how do I ride it????

Is this all there is to it??? You've GOT to be kidding me!!

Look at this airplane!!! I just push this button and the propellers whirl!!!!

Or how about this one? It's actually a helicopter, but I'll call it an airplane anyway. It even LIGHTS up when I push the button!!!

Lunch Time

We're all HAPPY to finally be seated.

"Mama, I want an airplane."

Kamma bought me one to play with while we wait for our food.

Yum, yum, strawberry shortcake!!!

That was good enough for ANOTHER bite.

Adventures at Papoo's House - - -

First we gotta figure out how to put all the new track together.

Mackinley directs Papoo. "No, not THAT way, Papoo. THIS way!!"

Papoo builds the track and Papoo does MOST of the playing with the trains once the track is built. For whom do you think we bought this track????? Hmmmmm???

Watchin' Blue's Clues on demand.

Gettin' ready to take a nap. Guess which "baby" actually slept.

TV time with mommy.

Little birdie on a perch.