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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh Wouldn't It Be Loverly - - -

If we all really had multiple long lost relatives who were dying overseas in exotic places like Nigeria or Chile and leaving us millions as their sole surviving relatives (if we could only just be found) and all these spams we keep getting from lawyers were really veritable e-mails from lawyers and we were all billionaires by now??!!??!!????

Then again - - - maybe not.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heavilin Family Reunion

Memorial Day Weekend means Edwardsburg.

Edwardsburg means Heavilin family reunion. It has been so for 23 years.

But just as all good things must come to an end, so this too. After 23 years, we will be moving our reunion to another site as Edwardsburg Estates is being sold.

Aunt Mary and Cousin Willie (pictured here talking to Uncle Dave), have been our hosts all these years.

Thanks for the memories. It has been perfect.

Camper Nappers

Sunday afternoon's the perfect time for a nap - - - even at a reunion!!

Peetie playin' possum

Gregie sawing logs.

All I Have to Say Is:

Free, free, I'm free at last!!!

Thank God almighty I'm free at last!!!!!

(Well, for a few short weeks at least)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kyle's Graduation

Our baby is all grown up.

He graduated from LCS on Saturday, May 26.

Now he and his friends will move on to bigger and better (?) things!!

Nick, Kyle, Loren, John, Andrew, and Ryan - - - graduates all.

Kyle and crew - - - random graduation pose.

Just a Few More Graduation Smiles - - -

The happy parents of the grad.

Jason, Kyle, Keri (Big Sissy), and Mackinley. (Photo stolen from Keri's blog)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just In Case - - -

You are an LCS student looking here to see if we are going to have finals tomorrow, the answer is YES. When I left school the gas main leak was fixed and we were allowed back in the building.

I know that is JUST the news you were hoping for.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Westview Tenderloin Supper

In this part of Indiana, tenderloin suppers are all it. Our youth group does one annually that is absolutely THE BEST. We used to do the traditional thing of hiring a company to come in and fry the tenderloins - - - but now we do our own thing, and let me tell you - - - it is a BETTER thing!

Tonight was the big night!

Ye ol' cook shanty, loaned to us for this occasion.

Chefs at work.

Full parking lot - - - looks like a crowd!!

Tickets anyone? My assistant is Nick. Behind us you see the "take-out" section.

Serving line for those who choose to dine in.

The Diners - - -

Main dining room.

Overflow crowd in the foyer.

Some of The Faces in the Crowd - - -

Mark (aka Sven) and an anonymous person. My what gorgeous eyes she has!!!

Ryan - - - why are you wearing a bread bag on your head?!?

Joe - - - king of the deep fryer!

Pastor Mark and his beautiful bride, Annette.

Adlai, Pastor Mark and Annette's son - - - he LIVES to torment me, all in fun of course!

Pastor Jeff - - - who loves showing hideous pictures of me at embarrassing moments. I was trying to get even. UNFORTUNATELY - - - this is a good picture of him!

Steve and Vicky with Adlai sprinting into the background.


Dustin and Jennifer

Confession Time

About certain things, I am a procrastinator of the first order. In those things I live by the motto "Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow." Here is a list of some of the things I avoid:

***Bill paying.

***Listening to answering machine messages - - - someone might want me to do something.

***Bill paying.

***Cleaning the bathrooms - - - YUCK.

***Bill paying.

***Sorting mail - - - it might be BILLS.

***Bill paying.

***Unloading and reloading the dishwasher.

***Bill paying.

***Folding laundry - - - its entirely possible to live right out of the drier. Try it sometime.

***Bill paying.

***Any form of confrontation - - - who needs it?!?

***Bill paying.

***Anything that demands my time and energy after a day at school.

***Bill paying.

And just guess what I'm procrastinating today!?! You know it - - -

Bill paying.

This is it. I'm really gonna do it this time. I'm going right down there and face the music. You keep me accountable. :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Top Ten "It's a Sad Day When - - - "

10) It rains on your parade.

9) You don't have any change in your pocket (or under the couch cushions, or in the floor of your car, or in the cup holder, or in the ash tray - - -)

8) Gas is over $3.00/gallon.

7) You're home alone on a Friday night.

6) It's not football season.

5) Your children grow up and move out.


3) You regularly fall asleep in your arm chair by 5 p.m.

2) You discover you weigh MORE than your husband.

1) You turn on your computer and discover no new e-mails and no new comments on your blog!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Magic Bullet

Several months ago, Deb posted a blog about her magic bullet. I puzzled and puzzled over that as I had NO IDEA what it was. I'm a little slow - - - but gradually, over several months time using the context of her post I began to piece together clues until a fairly good image of what a magic bullet must be came into my head. Low and behold, I believe I HAVE ONE of my very own!!!!

And here it is - - - my magic bullet.

Add eggs, and presto chango - - -

Scrambled. No electricity required, just a little elbow grease.

So I Copied Kari - - -

I still don't really "get" this - - - but here I am anyway!!

Your Star Wars Name And Title

Your Star Wars Name: Keebr Bushe

Your Star Wars Title: Sellil of Selyorb Gerg

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sleep Over - - -

Mommy is sick today and Daddy has to go to work, so I got to go to Papoo and Kamma's house to spend the night all by myself!! (Mommy is suffering without me since this is her first time to be away from me over night.) Don't worry mommy - - - I'm being a darling little angel and Papoo and Kamma are spoiling me rotten.

Watching Saturday cartoons with Papoo and doggy.

Taking a stroll - - -

It's a big wide world out there - - -

Riding along in my automobile!

Stirring with a spoon, always handle down!

Look What I Can Do - - -

Papoo and Kamma let me climb - - -

I got up here all by myself!!

Standing tall!!!

Innocent little angel.

Don't worry mommy - - - I went to bed without making one single peep. Nite, nite, I love you - - - see you tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - - -

In no particular order:

***My grandchildren :-)

***Football - - -college, pro, classic, the draft - - - - you get the picture, the whole shebang!!!

***Comfy jammies - - -got 'em on right now!!

***New school supplies

***Lilacs in the spring (and that's all I'll say about that)

***A sparkling clean house - - - notice I didn't say I liked TO CLEAN - - - just that I like it to BE clean (and it ISN'T right now, and it's driving me nuts!)

***Clean laundry (ditto the clean house disclaimer)

***Soft, fly-away hair on the top of a baby's head, which goes right along with the freshly bathed baby smell - - -

***Blogging - - - writing blogs, reading blogs, commenting on blogs!! Whooo Hoooo for blogs!!!

***Time to call my own - - - I fill it with reading a good book, or napping, or watching football, or blogging or - - -

***"Grazing" at a buffet - - - preferably a potluck type meal where all the items are crafted with love in someone ELSE'S kitchen.

***Organized paper money - - - all denominations in ascending order, heads up, all facing the same direction, no wrinkles. Ahhhhh - - - the satisfaction!!!

***Nostalgic memories - - - traditions, family times, school days - - - all of it

***Jig saw puzzles - - - not just any kind, my favorites are "folky" art pictures so I can get at least one finished a day when I'm on vacation.

***New snow - - - no foot prints, no smuts, lots of diamond sparkles

***A sunny day at Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, FL

***DeBrand chocolate

***Playing Euchre with good friends

***Good friends

***Wisconsin Northwoods - - - especially Gull Lake and Hayward.

***Time spent in a porch swing or deck chair

***YOU leaving comments on my blog :-)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

OCD Pet Peeves - - -

***Crooked pictures on restaurant walls. (I've been known to get up, cross the floor, and straighten them!)

***Major spelling, grammatical, and factual errors in church bulletins or other printed programs --- even worse when I find them in a novel, what WAS that editor thinking?

***Cupboard doors left hanging open so any mess "hidden" on the inside will show to the entire planet (my children know this about me and do it on purpose to drive me crazy - - - it works)

***Students rearranging my "stuff" on my desk (yep - - - they also do it on purpose to see me melt down)

***The fact that most blog programs won't allow you to capitalize your name in the comment heading (what am I, chopped liver that I don't even rate the respect due to a proper noun???)

***People who have lived with me for 32 years, or their entire life, not knowing where the clean dishes go when they empty the dishwasher - - - it's NOT rocket science, nor does it CHANGE from week to week.

***Serving dishes at a buffet style dinner at MY HOUSE not being arranged in a symmetrical, eye pleasing manner on the kitchen island. We have video evidence of me moving food a fraction of a centimeter to achieve this goal - - - which video elicits howls of laughter from my family. (Watch out children 'o mine - - - you'll be JUST LIKE ME someday!)

I'm sure there are many more - - - but these will do for a start!