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OK, let's be honest. This is really KEETHA stuff. Sometimes I write about Greg - - - but he has never in his life made one single post of his own. He has occasionally made a comment or two. So - - - come on in and visit with me, Keetha, for a while. I'd love it if you left your foot prints. (Interpretation: COMMENT PLEASE ;-)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


(And I didn't even have to put spoons under my pillow)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Google Finds

I am fascinated with how random people find my blog. One way they do is by googling. My site meter makes it possible for me to trace a "google" hit on my blog back to the words or phrases googled. Here are some recent googles:

1) The straightforward "keetha broyles."
But what is less than straightforward is WHERE some of these googles originate - - - - places like Europe and Asia. Who in the world over there knows me????? Oh, maybe they can HEAR me that far away and followed the sound of my voice.

2) Googling one of my children - - -
I presume these are long lost classmates looking for them. KIDS: If it is Publisher's Clearing House trying to deliver $10 million - - - remember they found you through MY BLOG so you have to SHARE!!!! :-)

3) "There's a nip in the air definition"
"There's a Nip in the Air," was the title of one of my posts and some soul overseas googled to ferret out the meaning of the phrase. Hope my blog was enlightening!!!

4) "Purchase Folger's caramel groove."
Oh how fun THIS one is!!! That USED to be my favorite instant latte, fact which I mentioned in a post, until Folger's either quit making the stuff or at least stopped marketing it in MY area. I guess OTHERS out there in latte land are missing it too!!!!

5) "C-box communicator."
That's the fun little conversation aid that I have posted in the margin of my blog - - - thanks to blatantly STEALING the idea from Number One Daughter. I suppose that particular googler was wanting information on how to get a c-box of their own.

6) "PJ's inside out, spoon under pillow"
This is my personal runner-up as a favorite. It has been googled to my blog in some version or other more than ten times. I guess I'm not the ONLY person who heard that NPR story and googled to see what could be found.


Yes - - - they googled it in all caps. I wonder if they were "Robbie Hummel" wannabe's? (Fabulous Freshman Purdue BB player in case you don't recognize the name.) Whatever Hummel wannabe's they were, they came to MY blog because I had a title "Retirement WANNABE'S" and JoEllen HUMMEL left a comment on that post!!!! (That time the caps are just to indicate the google link)

Fun Stuff.

How did YOU find my blog?

Breaking Through the Fog

As I sat at my computer this morning contemplating my next blog post - - -

Through the window I saw this - - -

The sun breaking through the fog.

Ready, set, post!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

She Just Doesn't "Get" It

One of my students who shall remain nameless, though her first initial is Shelby, blurted out in class today, "Mrs. Broyles - - - I was looking at your blog and you have the most random things, like a picture of Greg just sitting there!"

OBVIOUSLY she hasn't been READING what I WRITE with these random pictures or she'd see they aren't so random after all. She just doesn't "get" it.

Or maybe I don't.

At least you, my beloved readers, seem to "get" it and keep returning and commenting. Well, sometimes anyway.

Thank you!!!

I Know, I Know!!

I need to post something new to keep y'all coming back to read.

Unfortunately, I've got nada.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Funny Hubby

Greg has done it again - - -

Yesterday morning our bulletin proudly announced that the evening service would be BYTBox Cafe. (Short for Beyond the Box)

Greg read it Botox Cafe, and was quite ready to remove some wrinkles.

Ya gotta love that man.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bird and Breakfast

Our bird feeders have attracted flocks of birds. We have nuthatches (two kinds) chickadees, downy woodpeckers, cardinals, juncos and goldfinch.

I've tried for days now to capture them with my camera, but they see me coming to the window and fly the coop. All I've been able to catch are these goldfinch and juncos in their winter coats.

So, since I don't have exciting pictures, let me liven up this post with a little poem my mom used to quote to us when we were kids.

"Birdie, birdie in the sky,

Drop some whitewash in my eye.

I won't scream and I won't cry,

I'm just glad that cows can't fly!!!"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's February 14th!!

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Six-Word Memoir

"Gave everyone a laugh, including myself"

Don't think I'll explain that - - - let you ruminate on it a while for yourself.

Might be interesting to see if those who know me "live and in person" think the same thing as those who only blog me.

What would your six-word memoir be?

[Where'd I get this idea? Heard it on the "grape vine," (NPR) of course!]

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh The Pressure!!!

To keep coming up with new, fresh, material with which to satiate your bloggy appetites and keep you returning so my site meter will have something to count!!!

Sometimes a tiny creative juice kicks in and that makes it all so much easier.

Other times it's just pot luck.

Here's tuna casserole.

Hubby's been at it again. This time his paint brush held a lush verdant green. The next phase of this project will be cream chair rail and crown moulding.

The shimmering ghosts aren't really there - - - I think it's just brush strokes catching the flash. (Unless you'd prefer it to be something more mysterious - - - then away with your imagination.)

Toys wait patiently in their designated corner for the return of the grans.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hey All You Pundits - - -

You owe Plaxico Burress an apology - - - BIG TIME!!!

Giants 17 - Patriots 14 (Hallelujah!!!)

And you said Plaxico's predicted score was TOO LOW!!!!

(I helped - - - I stayed out in the kitchen the whole 4th quarter when we realized that if I stayed away from the TV the Giants would win.)

I Was Bought With a Price - - -

At our school auction.

My house, the Super Bowl, food, and up to six kids - - - that was the deal.

Texas talked his mom into paying more for me than I will ever be worth.

He brought Amy, Jessica,

Seth and Lukas.

We pulled the Giants through to a BIG TIME upset win over the Patriots!!!!

Maybe I should do this EVERY year if it will help my team win!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Lunch "Date"

Shannon and her little daughter Halle came to visit me at school today and brought Lunch!!! Shannon taught at LCS last year, and I miss her. THANKS for spending part of your day with me today! :-)

What a cutie!!! Entertaining herself with nutritionless toys while we ate our lunch!

Migratorily Challenged?

Can you tell by the silhouettes that these birds are robins?

They appeared in the trees outside our school yesterday. It certainly isn't TIME for them to be "Back Home in Indiana" yet!!!!

I'm sure in the night when we got snow they were wishing they'd checked the weather, or had their internal clocks overhauled, or consulted GPS or SOMETHING before they flew north.