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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Problem With A New Post Is - - - -

I don't have any new pictures to use. So - - - Let's see what I can do with some oldies but goodies!!!

Our Colts ate Panther Burgers for LUNCH yesterday. I didn't even NEED to wear my wig to HELP them this time. Now NEXT Sunday, I think I'll wear it so they'll make mince meat of NE. (Worrying a bit over here)

I was about this happy to hear that my Badgers WON on Saturday, though, I do feel a bit guilty about being this happy when it was the Hoosiers they beat.

Next Saturday we march into the Horseshoe. SO- - - all my blog buddies who are misguided enough to be Buckeyes, "can't we all just get along" (Thanks Rodney King for the lovely quote) no matter who wins?!? I'll admit it - - - - I'm afraid you'll KILL us, but if we would happen to win - - - my face will look like the above picture times ten.

Keri HATES it when I talk football - - - so let me just throw THIS random shot in here for her. Anybody HUNGRY!?!

Remember these? Kidney stones which Greg PASSED. Well, now he has one he can't. So, Wednesday they will cut it out - - - quite literally. I'll be with him in Indy for two days. I'll be waiting, and grading, and waiting, and reading, and he'll be - - -

sleeping like a baby through the whole ordeal. (One can only hope!!)

And with this I will end, our son Kelly (on the right) with his two Matt friends. You just can't BELIEVE what these boys TOGETHER are capable of.

(Yes, I said BOYS - - - they always will be)

Ain't they cute!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Night - - -

THE COLTS ROCKED on Monday Night Football.

The "Pretty Boy" Colts beat up the "Bad Boy" Jags.


(Disclaimer: monikers given by the pundits on ESPN, not by me.)

PS - - - If I hear ONE MORE TIME about how wonderful the Patriots are, with NO MENTION whatever of the accomplishments of our FABULOUS Colts, I think I'll puke!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Remember This???

Greg's poor, pitiful, poisoned, perished yard?

Well - - -

Now We Have This - - -

All his hard work, watering, and LOVE paid off. We're just about the greenest yard in the neighborhood again.

Notice, the golf course still hasn't gotten rid of that huge oak tree that fell during the twister at the end of August.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Autumn in Hoosierland - - -

Come walk with me under a rainbow arch of color - - -

Feel the crisp cool nip in the breeze, smell the acrid smoke of bonfires - - -

And gaze at the cloudless wonder - - -

With the crunch of leaves beneath your feet.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bus Trip to DC

Getting ready to leave the school parking lot.

Just one of many times to load or unload the bus at a stop.

Here we are. Eighteen LCS Eighth Graders and their two sponsors in front of Lightrider. (Check it out - - - I'm wearing my house slippers!!!)

Placing a Wreath - - -

At the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Four of our students were able to participate in the wreath placing ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Here they are receiving instructions.

Jordan, Leah, Rachel, and Amy during the wreath-placing ceremony. Very heart touching.

Amy and Rachel place the wreath.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Away From Home - - -

For 85 hours.

This is it, the double decker, red, white, and blue Lightrider bus. It will be my habitat for 85 hours starting tomorrow at 5 p.m. I will not be the sole resident, but will be sharing the space with 33 other folks, 18 of whom are "my" Eighth Graders.

I'll let you know how it goes - - - -

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fifth Sundays - - -

A while back my dad (facing the camera) decided to host a big Sunday dinner for the family every time there is a fifth Sunday in the month.

September was a Fifth Sunday month - - - but we had issues on that day, so we changed the dinner to the first Sunday of October. That was the FIRST complication.

The SECOND complication was Dad's air conditioner wasn't working and its still stinkin' HOT in Indiana! SO, we moved it to

My house. I provided the air conditioning, and Dad provided the FOOD - - -

You can't beat that with a stick!!!

Feeding Our Faces

Kaeleigh and Mackinley - - - look at that girl EAT!!!

Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma!!!

Korie and Chris. Don't know WHY Korie is still puzzled when I pull out the camera to take pictures for my blog, you'd think she'd EXPECT it by now!!!

Dustin, his father's son, and - - -

Kayla. Don't know why they ate across the room from each other!!! I guess once you've been married a WHOLE YEAR the honeymoon's over!!!

Something must be REALLY good!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

"MY" Class - - -

The Eighth Grade Class.

I am one of their sponsors. I will be traveling with them next weekend on a "possum" bus to Washington, D.C. (In a possum bus the seats convert to beds and we will be LIVING on it for three days - - - approximately 85 hours!!!)

This past Monday all the middle and high school classes took an organized "Day Away" from school, this picture was taken then.